Jul 10, 2012

The Pisces Particle

The recent announcement of the alleged discovery of the Higgs boson particle has been met mostly with celebration and reverence, but also with some controversy. In order to understand what's happening, which always goes deeper than what you hear about in the media, I'm going to take a look at the astrological correlations regarding this event.

I was going to post a video as an introduction, but as I opened the YouTube main page, I saw this video. I will post the other one further on, as this is not only the excellent Rap News (which I really recommend, if you haven't seen it yet), but it also sums up the issues pretty nicely.

So the central issue is the Higgs boson, controversially referred to as the 'God particle,' which is the last remaining particle to be proven in the Standard Model of Physics. As we will see, I think it's unlikely that this will ever be confirmed beyond any doubt, as the Higgs boson is associated with Pisces. But first, I'd like to take a look at the video I was originally going to post first.

Who appears on the video preview? None other than God himself.

What strikes me about this Symphony of Science series (if you haven't, check out the other ones) is how distinctly alchemical these videos feel. They take quotations from prominent atheists and scientists and turn them into something that's almost magical. Thus, we can see that what's really at the heart of the matter is not so much a dispute between science and metaphysics, but condescending and defensive mindsets, because all is One. This shows that it's possible to embrace both science and poetry, and that both are really two different ways of seeing the same thing.

You'll notice what Brian Cox talks about: 12 particles of matter, 4 forces of nature. I don't understand how this doesn't seem amazing to anyone who knows their basic astrology. The astrological cycle is composed of 12 numbers (Aries - 1 to Pisces - 12), divided into 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire). Since the Higgs boson is the last particle to be discovered, we can associate it to the sign of Pisces, the last step of the Zodiac.

The associations go further than that. From the previously linked article, we have this nifty paragraph:

What CERN announced last week was the discovery of a new particle in the correct mass range to be the Higgs, but further analysis of the data from particle physicists at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois suggests that CERN is just about as likely to have found evidence for more exotic varieties of the Higgs particle, called Higgs doublets or Higgs triplets. These "impostor" Higgs particles are part of a non-Standard Model interpretation of the Higgs concept, where a bunch of different Higgs-type particles (instead of just one) are together responsible for the Higgs field.

This perfectly fits the idea of Pisces, one of dissolution and lack of monads. Pisces is all about merging with the Collective, about surrendering your ego. Pisces, for instance, rules asylums and prisons, where everyone has equal status and is practically anonymous. This is why I believe we're never really going to find one Higgs boson particle, and this concept of a multi-particled Higgs field fits perfectly.

But let's get back to the event. I have superimposed the chart for the public announcement of the particle, on July 4, with the transits representing the one whom the boson is named after, Peter Higgs.

  • What jumps out at first I think is Higgs's Sun @ 7Gem conjoining fortuitous Venus @8Gem and Jupiter @4Gem in the 10th House of public relations. Obviously, he's the star of the event, basically the Father of this particle. This is truly his moment to shine, as Venus (social events) is in close sextile with both Mercury @8Leo (communication, announcements) and Uranus @8Ari (breakthroughs, discoveries). Higgs's North Node @20Tau, less than one degree from the Mid-Heaven, indicates that this is really his crowning achievement.
  • It's also an important moment for materialism, as highlighted by the Mid-Heaven @21Tau. If the Higgs boson is confirmed, so is the Standard Model of Physics.
  • Mars @0Lib in the Second House of money and possessions indicates that there is money to be made in the announcement, as no doubt endless grants will flow towards the LHC and CERN. It is, however, opposite Uranus in the Eighth House of deals and shared capital, so in this moment of economic crisis, essential funds being diverted to theoretical pursuits might not please a whole lot of people.
  • Saturn @22Lib is in the Third House of press and divulging, which fits with an announcement coming from the scientific authorities. It is, however, square the Moon @20Cap, the significator of the public, which shows that the relationship between the public and the figureheads of science might be a bit strained in the long run.
  • This is corroborated by Higgs's Neptune @28Leo conjunct the announcement's Ascendant @29Leo, not to mention the mundane Neptune @2Pis close to the Descendant. This means the waters are being muddied so that someone may profit from the situation, especially in terms of calling for attention. 
  • Higgs is quite close to his Uranus return, but this seems, due to the shades of Scorpio surrounding this aspect, to be foreshadowing a situation where Higgs will die soon, and be posthumously awarded the Nobel prize in Physics, regardless of how this boson situation will end up.
  • Mercury in the Twelfth House of secrets also sets off alarm bells as far as the veracity of the announcement is concerned. This house rules secret enemies, and it seems that the scientific authorities involved in this announcement are concerned with something other than the benefit of the public. This is further corroborated by the Sun @12Can being opposite to the Moon (in fact, some have speculated that the full Moon may have influenced the measurements).
  • The Ascendant @29Leo is quite intriguing. What this seems to signify (I just read a wonderful article about the meanings of the extreme degrees) is that the public is just about fed up with pompous declarations, and will begin to investigate (Virgo) the matter more carefully. I think this will be especially true when it becomes widely known that this confirmation wasn't as final as most have thought.
  • In the end, I believe this will be in the interest of the people (North Node in the Fourth House), but not necessarily in an obvious manner, and certainly won't be immediate (North Node opposite Jupiter and square Neptune). We will come out of this whole story having learned not to trust extravagant declarations made by the scientific elite, but most of this figures to happen quite unconsciously. I can only hope we will figure it out, at any rate.
In conclusion, the general idea seems to be that this announcement is quite significant, but especially for the intelligentsia itself. The public might be celebrating this news at first, but as news trickles in about potential problems or misinterpretations with the Higgs discovery, we will begin to question what's really going on. The more we try to get a grasp on the Higgs boson, the more frustrated we will becomes, and we will hopefully come to a conclusion that sometimes taking things on faith (Pisces) is not just a good idea, it's necessary.

Hat tip to Jeremy Puma at the Secret Sun.

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