Jul 1, 2011

The Rainbow Bridge

a.k.a. the rabbit hole, a.k.a. the wormhole. I strongly recommend you watch this compilation by the author of the Sync Whole. It shows the essence of what I'm going to talk about. The gist of it is that we exist here as consciousnesses, but which can achieve a higher level (although it's hard to say what this higher level actually is, at least based on our current understanding), and this path is through the rainbow bridge, or to reach beyond the influence of Jupiter and Saturn, i.e. the collective consciousness. I began to ponder this after watching the movie Thor, which is essentially a re-reading of Norse mythology. The gods reside in Asgard, or this higher level of consciousness, and can be transported to Earth (Midgard, or Middle Earth - The Lord of the Rings was heavily influenced by Norse myths) via the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. As a matter of fact, there are nine worlds, or states of consciouness (or what have you), all of which are connected by Yggdrasil, the tree of life. Obvious Tree of Life connections exist in Genesis, and in the film The Fountain, for example.

*spoiler alert - but if you haven't seen the movie, do so*
In the film The Nines, the main character, played by Ryan Reynolds (most recently the Green Lantern), is actually a higher form of consciousness - he's a Nine. Ergo, there are nine levels of consciousness, and we here on Earth are but in the middle of the path toward the ninth level.

Illumination is the key to attaining a higher level of being. The Arcade Fire song "My Body Is a Cage" (originally by Peter Gabriel) explores this theme:

My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

Ah, the infamous key. The key is the Eye/I inside, which resides in the mind. The questions of how one sees or reaches this is not the issue here, though. I know merely that there is the key to unlocking the Bifrost. It's interesting to take a look at a crop circle in the shape of a key:

I find the configuration of the spheres reminiscent of representations of Yggdrasil. Another idea I have been exploring lately is that of the butterfly as a representation of the soul (in fact, the Greek word for 'soul', psyche, also means 'butterfly'). Butteflies are intrinsically connected to rainbows as well, especially due to the variety of colours they display on their wings. Many artists have explored this idea, such as Salvador Dali (in fact, I have only recently really discovered Dali, and I am utterly fascinated by his work) and Vladimir Kush. Below is the latter's painting, Departure of the Winged Ship:

Another artist who worked with this idea is Stanley Kubrick, in his masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. When the protagonist reaches Jupiter, the first of the twin pillars of the gate to the beyond, along with Saturn, he goes through the stargate in a psychedelic path. Naturally, this scene brings up discussion of LSD, and it has been referred to as an 'acid trip'. Check out Christopher Knowles' The Secret Sun for thoughts on entheogens, ultraterrestrials (perhaps aliens, perhaps higher beings...) and myth, including wonderful musings on The Nines and 2001.

Perhaps the idea of a Stargate, already much explored in art and in the alternative/truth blogosphere, is not so much a physical one as a mental, or spiritual one. The band Train also goes to Jupiter...

It's hard to tell to which point the song's lyrics were consciously chosen. It even begs the question of whether there's a difference if an idea comes from an individual mind or from the collective mind. Either way, it's definitely there, whether it is recognised or not.

One of NoMII's favourite's, the Flaming Lips, also ride the same wave, in a video I've referenced earlier:

Remember the duration of 3:33? My original post talks about the number 33 as related to illumination, and it's interesting to note that 3 x 3 = 9...

One final remark, from the Bible (Book of Revelations, 1:17-18) - Jesus said: "I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades."

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