Feb 26, 2011


As you can tell, one of my main points of interest is the concept of dualism, in the sense of black and white and the grey area in between. The opposite poles of a dualism are inextricably bound, opposites that cannot be defined except as in relation to each other. This is expressed well by a magnet: the north and south poles are opposites, but cannot exist without the other. There is no one-pole magnet.

This is expressed well in the dualisms in astrology, the antagonised signs. What I'm doing here is more for self-clarification than anything, but I hope you see where I'm going, and please correct me if I say something stupid.

One such opposition is that between Aquarius and Leo:
  • Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and Leo fixed fire;
  • The greatest contract between the two is that Leo is the ego and Aquarius is the collective. Leo focuses on the self, while Aquarius focuses on the community;
  • They are both, however, leaders; opposing leaders. Leo is the king, and Aquarius the leader of the opposing forces or party or what have you. Leo as fire attracts attention to himself, while Aquarius as air permeates everyone;
  • Aquarius is the shadow of Leo, thus Aquarius can also be seen as the Vizier, the king behind the king.
  • Leo rules from the heart and feeds on emotional courage, whereas Aquarius is cold and rational and works objectively;
  • One cannot exist without the other, it has no meaning without it; thus deep down Leo is motivated, as king, by a love of his subjects, and Aquarius is fueled by a desire to be recognised;
  • Leo anatomically represents the heart, and Aquarius the circulatory system; thus, Leo is the central engine that pumps vitality into the system, and Aquarius the means to carry this vitality throughout the system;
  • On their dark sides, both tend to be dictatorial;
  • The middle point, or balance of this opposition is the ruler who serves others, while not forgetting that in order to lead others one must first lead one's own life.
This idea is embodied in the sign of pisces. Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions; it is the sum of the sides of a polarity, the coming of a full circle. It also appears in Libra and Gemini: at first, there is realisation of the other, seeing the two sides of coins; then comes an attempt to balance this opposition, to harmonise it; finally comes a conciliation of the two opposites, in the last sign of the zodiac.

The 11th sign is Aquarius; it is ruled by Saturn, the gatekeeper into the next realm, and Uranus, the change in consciousness. When reaching the 12th house, we find Neptune, this illusory sense of the otherworldly. Beyond lies only Pluto, where there is transformation and rebirth.

(Naturally, today all the planets are either in Cancer or Capricorn, opposing signs, except for Jupiter and Saturn, respectively in Aries and Libra - also opposing signs -, and Neptune in Aquarius.)

This is all true to a much higher degree than astrology, of course. This concept of dualism is something we must face every day, and in fact we ourselves are the products of dualisms; we are slowly but constantly shifting as points in different arrays.

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  1. " There is nothing stupid about something that makes more sense than the origins of our own existance."